What We Do

Learn, Design, Build, Program Robots!

We bring advanced electronics and robotics to elementary school students! We provide a challenging, fun, and club-like program that brings students from the basics of electricity and magnetism to programing robots with the Arduino development board! Students have a blast building all kinds of projects and doing homework for AMP dollars.


//New Second Tier Curriculum!

/*We have redesigned our entire Arduino level curriculum to be exciting, interactive, learn-at-your-own-pace, and progress oriented! Students cannot move on until they have passed the test and mastered the set of skills they need to be successful in the next "Mission." Look at a preview of the new curriculum!*/

Project Gallery

Find Homework for Your Courses

Homework is an excellent way to continue learning at home and earn AMP dollars at the same time! Homework in our courses is not required, but is greatly encouraged! We would love to see your students turning in one homework assignment each week. We enjoy giving out AMP dollars and even more than that we love classes with students who are eager to learn and have the knowledge to be more creative! See the homework options for your course!

Look through the list of available homework assignments and choose the ones you like most! Turn them in at class or email them to avoid having to print! some of the homework will be challenging if the student has not yet learned about that specific concept or component, but they'll get there soon, so hold onto that specific homework assignment!

We are always looking for ways to improve our curriculum and feedback from parents/students is vastly important for us in providing the best electronics-robotics program available to elementary school students!.